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Vanligt pris 5 500 SEK

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Leverans till din dörr med UPS inom 2-4 dagar
Skatt ingår för EU-länder.

Med upp till 20 kg on-demand-vikt till hands är NÜOBELL 220 perfekt för styrka, uthållighet och uthållighetsträning. Samma som 232, bara lite mindre vikt.

Viktintervall (kg): 2–4–6–8–10–12–14–16–18–20

Nettovikt: 20 kg

Produktmått: L-395 X H-185 X B-180 mm
Handtag: Längd 105 mm, diameter 32 mm
Säljes endast i par (2 st)
2 års garanti (endast för bostäder).

Svenskt patent, utveckling och kundsupport.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Thilo Seeberger
Couldn't be better

What a great invention! Others in the market seem to have some little disadvantages, these here match a 100% their purpose + beautiful design

Very happy

Really good dumbbells, great shipping and good service.

Game Changer

I am not a tall person, so 20kg are going to be enough for a long time. The switching is smooth and lighter weights shorter than heavier weights - brilliant! Some days I can lift more than on others and when it was a bit too heavy for today, I didn't switch the weights because it was too much of a burden, but I also decreased the efficiency of my workout (and so of my time) or even hurt myself. With the nüobells this is actually a problem of the past because I can switch to my needed weight within 5 seconds (including putting them back).

Also, in Germany, as of right now, the stores have a huge supply shortage so the waiting time was at least a several month. Ordering them directly here cost me like 40€ more (shipping) but they were here in less than a week (including weekend).

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Andrii Piasetskyi
Returned due to an issue with the locking mechanism after a week of use etc.

After unpacking already noticed that one small plate was damaged, filled with the filler and touch painted by the manufacturer. Disappointed with the solution as the paint started to peel off very quickly with the filler. Some damage to the bare metal on one full size terminated plate. And some scratches on the others which is probably ok as they will get scratched anyway. I contacted the seller and they offered to replace the two plates.

After a week using it, the locking mechanism started to get not fully engaged on one of the dumbbells when picked up from the tray. There was a loud click when the dumbbell was far away from the tray already. Couple times I was able to turn the handle half turn after the dumbbell was out of the tray. It did not let the weights to fall. But felt very unsecure. I must say that I was offered replacement for the handle.

I kinda liked the product. Not sure though how secure are the main plates attached to the handle. They are connected with four regular screws that go into plastic casing. At least this is how it looks like from the outside. These four screws are potentially holding 10kg of weight when the dumbbell is at a certain angle. I wish I better know how secure this construction is.

The bottom line is that I did not want to get into warranty process a week after the purchase. So I decided to return them. Then it was a big hassle as the seller does not offer free return. And UPS for instance charges ~90 Euro for the shipping from NL to CZ (where the ware house is). I asked the seller if I can get prepaid return label. Still no response. Though they were responding fast regarding warranty issues. Not anymore after I said I will return the product. So I found the way to send them back for ~50 Euro via UPS.

This whole thing cost me ~30 Euro for the initial shipping and 50 for the return. Quite expensive, considering I returned them because they were faulty.

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