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Regular price 7 600 kr

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Weight range kg: 2–4–6–8–10–12–14–16–18–20–22–24–26–28–30–32

Net weight: 32 kg

Product dimension: 485x180x180 mm

NÜOBELL, patented adjustable dumbbells that allows you to select the weights you want simply by turning the handle.

Twist, Peel, Feel. All in one second.

Only sold as pair (2 pcs)

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Customer Reviews

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Ciaran Hoey
Excellent home gym equipment

Bought this for home gym and delighted with it. Huge space saver and dumbbells are a nice size to work with with excellent knurled grips. Changing weights is probably quicker than looking for another set of dumbbells and is smooth and simple. Got the stand with them and would highly recommend this as it makes weight changes more convenient.

Patrick Kessel


Nuobell, dumbbells that are really great & leave little to be desired.

I purchased the Nuobell 232 and was scared about the following:

1. The handle size seems small
2. How firm & sturdy is the handle, once locked in and you are doing your exercises
3. Is there enough weight

Those were my three main concerns. And let me answer them like this:

1. The handle size could be longer for future versions, but it's longer than I expected & fits perfect for my hand, so I really have no issues to add there, the only reason it should be longer in the future, is to allow for complimentary products to be used on them. Great handle, great diameter (32ø/32mm) and great knurling!
2. No problem here at all, the twist-lock & weight-change system feels solid, great & very sturdy. Love the firm rotation, love the sound it makes & love how it feels doing exercises.
3. I'd definitely like a version that goes a little higher, I do however think that for now, the 32 kg version here is worth every penny.

Overall I can only recommend these dumbbells, they are a game changer & I used to always stand by Powerblock, but after trying Nuobell dumbbells, there is no going back.

Amazing & I'm a solid Nuobell costumer for future products as well!

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