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Weight range kg: 2–4–6–8–10–12–14–16–18–20–22–24–26–28–30–32

Net weight: 32 kg

Product dimension: 485x180x180 mm

NÜOBELL, patented adjustable dumbbells that allows you to select the weights you want simply by turning the handle.

Twist, Peel, Feel. All in one second.

Only sold as pair (2 pcs)

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Customer Reviews

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Jan Pokorski
Weight Switch Mechanism is Sometimes Stuck

When I rotate one of the dumbbells sometimes the mechanism is blocking itself. The dumbbell and the weights are in the rack and fit each other. The problem is with the first half circle plate that blocks the rotation sometimes. It only happens on one of the dumbbells.

Nüobell 220 and Nüobell 232 :)

I had Nüobell 220 but they were light in the end. I ordered Nüobell 232 for mine and I am satisfied with them.
Recommendation for men - in fact, you have to buy 32kg of Nüobells right away. If you exercise properly, 20 kg will be too light for you :)
One of the most practical purchases lately :)

Great product!

Ilan van Gelder
Great quickly adjustable dumbbells

Easy to adjust weights. Feeling and looking like ‘normal’ dumbbells unlike some of the competing products. I would recommend them for any serious home gym.

Jonas F
Great build

Really impressed by the quality of both stand and dumbbells (32kg) One minor concern is that the plastic parts of the cradles (enabling the change of load) might nit withstand all the ins and outs, but time will tell if they’re built sturdy enough for long term wear. Overall - very satisfied!

Ciaran Hoey
Excellent home gym equipment

Bought this for home gym and delighted with it. Huge space saver and dumbbells are a nice size to work with with excellent knurled grips. Changing weights is probably quicker than looking for another set of dumbbells and is smooth and simple. Got the stand with them and would highly recommend this as it makes weight changes more convenient.

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